Great Strides – York, ME 2014

I had the great pleasure of getting to donate my time to photograph this amazing event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.



IMGP1858   IMGP2292

I was absolutely amazed at the shear number of people who came to set up, volunteer, and walk for such a great cause. I was especially touched by all of the children who were present!

IMGP2409 IMGP2410 IMGP2391 IMGP2378 IMGP2359 IMGP2322 IMGP2319 IMGP2307 IMGP2286

IMGP2284 IMGP2279 IMGP2167 IMGP2165 IMGP2123

This little girl made me laugh so hard; her donut matches her dress!


IMGP1985 IMGP1980 IMGP1992

How adorable are those braids!

IMGP1894 IMGP1884 IMGP2035 IMGP1989

We also had some fun furry friends!

IMGP2403 IMGP2146 IMGP2144

IMGP1998 IMGP1893 IMGP1890

It was an stunning day, beautifully sunny, lots of fluffy clouds, and the perfect temperature!

IMGP1917 IMGP1886 IMGP1868 IMGP1857

IMGP1874 IMGP2091

IMGP2090 IMGP2089 IMGP2087 IMGP2038IMGP2139 IMGP2151 IMGP2152 IMGP2157 IMGP2161 IMGP2158 IMGP2164 IMGP2169 IMGP2174 IMGP2173 IMGP2190 IMGP2188 IMGP2185 IMGP2181 IMGP2180 IMGP2179 IMGP2192 IMGP2199  IMGP2212 IMGP2214 IMGP2213 IMGP2216 IMGP2228 IMGP2221

IMGP2203 IMGP2196 IMGP2215 IMGP2202 IMGP2219

IMGP2218  IMGP2256 IMGP2257 IMGP2269 IMGP2274 IMGP2277  IMGP2289 IMGP2298

It was a great day to play on the beach, too!

IMGP2272 IMGP2268  IMGP2266 IMGP2259

IMGP2267 IMGP2209 IMGP2208 IMGP2204

Some of the amazing volunteers and participants!

IMGP2402 IMGP2382 IMGP2367 IMGP2355 IMGP2344 IMGP2343  IMGP2338 IMGP2336 IMGP2323 IMGP2325 IMGP2141 IMGP2308IMGP2306 IMGP2126IMGP2340  IMGP2029 IMGP2018 IMGP2026  IMGP1991 IMGP2001

These volunteers had some of the most creative team names I’ve seen at an event like this

Blog Photos

The amazing teams!

IMGP2041 IMGP2049 IMGP2054 IMGP2061 IMGP2064 IMGP2071 IMGP2086 IMGP2093 IMGP2099 IMGP2111 IMGP2114 IMGP2365

For more about CF or Great Strides, visit their website


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