It’s been busy around here lately, my son turned four (!) mid-June, and we’ve been going out on all sorts of day trips, soaking up all sorts of fun in the sun in early summertime New England. Of course I had my camera (phone mostly) on hand, so as soon as I get a chance to sit down and edit those, they’ll be posted!

Also keep your eyes peeled for some pictures from my brother’s Black Belt Extravaganza. We had a great time watching all of the amazing black belt students at Quest Martial Arts show us what they do, and of course I took a ton of pictures (some with baby girl asleep in one arm).

Plus, as you know from the July Challenge post, I’m still going with the monthly photo a day challenge. After the first month, it really became a habit for me to take a photo every day, and I love seeing what everyone else is coming up with too! Check out my post on Maggie McGarvey Designs to learn more about how I create the challenges.

The really big news this month is that we’re heading west, hopefully for good! We’ll be traveling from New Hampshire to Wisconsin, stopping to visit friends & family along the way, and from there (fingers crossed) we’ll continue on to Southern California. So watch this space for updates, and photos from the road!

Day 7 On My Mind


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