August 2015 Photo Challenge

The July challenge ended up being far more difficult than I thought... of course, I'd forgotten to take into account moving across the country, and I didn't stack the deck in my favor. But that's why it's a challenge, right? I've been brainstorming ideas for other types of challenges, so watch this space for announcements, … Continue reading August 2015 Photo Challenge


July 2015 Photo Challenge

I think I can officially declare my first photo challenge a success! I really enjoyed playing along with the June 2015 challenge two ways: on my Facebook page, I posted photos from my archives, and on Instagram and my personal Facebook, I shared photos taken each day to meet each of the prompts. Both ways definitely helped me … Continue reading July 2015 Photo Challenge

May Challenge Completed!

Whew, 31 days later, and I've finally completed my first photo challenge. All photographs were edited only with Instagram, cropping to their prescribed square, and using a filter about half of the time, which was a challenge in itself. As you may know from my post on The Arts of Editing, I'm not a big … Continue reading May Challenge Completed!

Photo Challenge: May

I'm about a third of the way through participating in a "Photo-a-Day" Challenge. The idea is to take a picture each day based on a previously set prompt. Besides just finding something to fit each prompt, I'm also trying to think outside the box and get really creative with some of these. At the end of … Continue reading Photo Challenge: May